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  • What makes a good driver?

    'Roadcraft' (The Police Driver's Handbook) states that the qualities of a safe and competent driver are:-

    • critical and honest self-awareness and understanding of your personal characteristics, attitudes and behaviour, which are necessary for safe driving
    • taking action to keep identified risks to a minimum
    • awareness of your own limitations and those of the vehicle and the road 
    • awareness of the risks inherent in particular road and traffic situations
    • concentration and good observation
    • continuously matching the vehicle's direction and speed to the changing conditions
    • skilful use of vehicle controls

    (Roadcraft, Chapter 1, page 3, 2013 edition)

    Drive Safe – Drive Smarter


    At ADAS we understand the concerns of our senior citizens who have little or no option but to keep driving and wish to maintain their independence. Like wise, younger drivers aspire to having their independence and a big part of this is having the ability to drive a car. However, young drivers (17-24 years old) are at a much higher risk of crashing than older drivers. Drivers aged 17-19 make up just 1.5% of UK licence holders but are involved in 9% of fatal and serious crashes, where they are the driver.

    • 1,784 people were killed in reported road traffic collisions in 2018
    • 25,511 were seriously injured
    • The UK's oldest licensed driver is a 107-year-old woman, and there are 191 people over the age of 100 with a licence. They are among 4,018,900 people aged over 70 with full UK driving licences.

    So, our mission is to promote road safety in general and improve driving standards across all age groups, in particular. We are totally committed to helping raise the standard of driving on our roads. To do this we offer a range of fully supported driver development opportunities, including confidence building sessions and advanced driver training.

    Our team of professionally qualified volunteer trainers and assessors, have a wealth of experience and knowledge and will encourage and support you in achieving your goals. As well as our one-hour assessment sessions we also offer an “Improved Driver” award. This is a series of six one-hour on road sessions with helpful hints, tips and practical advice. At the end of these sessions participants receive a “certificate of attendance” in acknowledgement of their new-found skills behind the wheel!

    If you would like to have your driving evaluated and enjoy the benefit of friendly, helpful advice and reassurance or for more information,

    M: 07906 217954 or


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